Who We Are

Doctors Optical Lab Inc. is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of optical products in Western Canada. Located in Calgary, AB, we have proudly served independent optical businesses with high-quality optics and comprehensive customer support for over 30 years.

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What We Do

  • An icon of eyeglasses by Josiah Taundi

    Prescription Lens - Complete

    Surface, edge, and mount prescription lenses (Conventional and HD)

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    Prescription Lens - Surface

    Surface lens only. Edge and mount done in-store.

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    CSA approved eye wear for safety and vocational use.

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    Nosepad Installation

    Install nosepads on acetate frames and other frame modifications

  • An icon of specialty mount safety eyewear by Josiah Taundi

    Specialty Mount

    Surface, edge, and mount specialty frames and/or bevels

  • An icon representing high-wrap eyewear frames by Josiah Taundi

    High Wrap

    Surface, edge, and mount high wrap frames

  • An icon of a dive mask by Josiah Taundi

    Dive Mask

    Prescription lenses for dive masks and other full face protection

  • An icon representing mirror coated lenses by Josiah Taundi

    Mirror Coating

    Apply mirror coatings on existing lenses. 9 Color assortments available

  • An icon representing CR-39 tinted sunglasses lenses by Josiah Taundi

    CR-39 Tint

    Apply tints on existing CR-39 lenses. Custom colors available

Our Office Progressives

Experience comfort and clarity for reading and computer work. The Office Series are occupational progressive lenses specially geared for near and intermediate vision related tasks. Its focused on providing the visual acuity you need working at shorter distances.

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A visual representation of different office/workspace progressive lens designs and their performance by Josiah Taundi
Camber Technology's elephant trunk representation

Camber® Technology

The most advanced digital progressive lens design available. Camber® Technology uses a variable base curve that reduces oblique aberrations for improved peripheral vision. Paired with an optimized digital design on the back surface, the Camber lens offers an expanded prescription range, better aesthetics and sharp near vision.

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